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<h1>I live in the Garden, I just sleep in the house</h1><div>The plaques and signs are all hand crafted from start to finish. The non painted plaques and signs are a great way to keep your children occupied for hours during school holidays while they paint and design their own. This plaque can be painted any colour or add even more extra design. Create a great looking plaque or sign to brighten up your bedroom wall or bar area. The complete painted signs and plaques are a great decoration and addition to your garden, patio, man or lady cave.</div><div><br /><br /></div><div><strong>FINISHING<br /><br /></strong></div><div></div><div><p>All painted signs and plaques come finished in a high shiny gloss, the colours are as pictured, however you are able to change the colours of the background before you make a purchase.</p></div><div><br /><br /></div><div><strong>PLAIN PLASTER<br /><br /></strong></div><div></div><div>All plaques and signs are lightly sanded so to remove any excess plaster or sharp edges; however additional sanding may be required before you paint them.</div><div><br /><br /></div><div><strong>PAINT<br /><br /></strong></div><div><p>The best type of paint to use on the non-coloured plaques and signs is an acrylic water based hobby paint, you can purchase these types of paints at any hobby shop or hardware store.<br /><br />PLEASE NOTE: Unpainted is plain plaster</p></div>
Price $15.00